Chicken fillet stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella & sun-dried tomato with potato écrasé and wine sauce


Chicken fillet  with groats salad   &  broccoli puree


Chicken fillet a la crème  with  fried  wedges potatoes  & salad


Chicken souvlaki with fried  wedges potatoes , salad, tzatziki & pita bread


Pork neck steak with smoked paprika fried  wedges potatoes  & salad


Pork souvlaki with fried  wedges potatoes, salad, tzatziki & pita bread


Beef steak with baby potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, salad & noisette butter


Rib eye with écrasé potato, baby vegetables, roasted asparagus & noisette butter


Beef sirloin with Diana's sauce (METAXA), Rosemary, baby potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms & roasted asparagus


Beef sirloin with pepper sauce, fried  wedges potatoes & salad


Salmon fillet with boiled vegetables, groats & horseradish sauce with dill

Grilled Swordfish with boiled vegetables,  groats  & lemon sauce with parsley